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Production Base

The production plant is located in the Huaibei new coal chemical synthesis base. It was established in 2017. It mainly produces pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates, methyl benzoic acid, nitrobenzoic acid and its derivative acyl chloride amide products, and cooperates with Nanjing University of Science and Technology and Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. With the cooperation of many scientific, academic and research units, we have obtained a number of production patent technologies.

It adopts advanced and reliable distributed DCS control technology. It also has an SIS safety instrument system for hazardous chemicals that constitute a major source of hazards and critically supervised hazardous chemical processes, which can effectively reduce energy and raw material consumption and achieve high product efficiency. Good quality and low cost.

About Anhui JiangTai

Total investment 360 million yuan Annual productivity 17,000 tons

The total investment of the project is 360 million yuan, and the annual production capacity is 17,000 tons. The project land belongs to the chemical industry zone, which is in line with the park planning and industrial positioning.

ISO19001:2015 Quality Management System Certification

It has passed the ISO19001:2015 quality management system certification,  has a fully automated control system.

Sufficient Warehouse Area

Owning its own warehousing facilities can maintain sufficient inventory supply.High degree of automation, stable and reliable technology, good safety performance.

Advanced Testing Equipment & Central Control Center

Quality testing center, equipped with the world's advanced testing equipment, and implements derivative production from raw materials to final products to ensure the maximum profit of products.
On-site, centralized control of temperature, pressure, oxygen content, flow rate, current and other parameters in the production process.



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