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Jiangsu SINGNUO Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.  We are an enterprise specializing in the export of DEET, glyphosate, pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates, methyl benzoic acid, nitrobenzoic acid and their derivatives. SINGNUO Chemical has independent export rights, and a professional operation team, with operations in more than 50 countries. With leading technical skills, excellent product quality, and perfect and thoughtful service, we have won markets in North and South America, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa.

SINGNUO Chemical has its own production plant, Anhui Jiangtai New Material Technology,which has passed the ISO19001:2015 quality management system certification, equipped with a high-level R&D team and advanced production technology with a fully automated control system, which can effectively reduce energy and raw material consumption. Owned storage facilities can maintain sufficient inventory supply, so as to maintain price stability when prices fluctuate in the entire industry, and maintain a certain advantage in market competition.


Which operates in more than 50 countries.


Productivity reaches 17,000 tons / year. 


The total investment of the project is 360 million yuan.

Why Choose Us

Factories and warehousing facilities

Owning its own factories and warehousing facilities, be able to maintain sufficient inventory supply, so as to maintain price stability when the industry price fluctuates, and maintain an advantage in market competition.

Professional operation team

Professional operation team, strictly control the selection, quality control, logistics and other aspect.


All product packaging can be customized according to customer requirements.

The company cooperates with a number of universities to realize complementary advantages, and implements derivative production from raw materials to final products to ensure the maximum profit of products.


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